In addition to our wide range of plates and gaskets, welded plate heat exchanger solutions are essential.

The efficiency, compactness, robustness, safetyness and reliability of the fully welded heat exchangers offers maximum performance even in the most challenging conditions.

In collaboration with KAPP ECHANGEUR THERMIQUES (France), we can propose expert and tailor-made welded plate technology to ensure the right solution for your plant.

HEATEX® Welded Plate Heat Exchanger
(block type)

Welded plate pack in a cubic frame

Fully welded PHE is specifically designed to allow “charged” fluids with a compact and easy cleanable solution.
Compact and robust design in a cubic mechanical geometry, allows very easy cleaning in a short length of plates.

  • High heat resistant temperature, pressure resistant
  • Wide variety of flow paths suitable for various applications
  • Flexible design, No restrictions of gasket materials
  • Free gap channels with 4 inspection doors (both circuits are accessible )
  • Free selection of nozzle bore
  • No sealing risk
  • Less maintenance times

Max. working pressureUp 32 bars
Max. working temperatureUp to 350˚C
Surface area1 m2 to 625 m2
Free gapUp to 40 mm
Plate materialSS, Nickel Alloys, Titanium, Duplex

(shell & plate type)

Extremely Simple Design and a wide range of possibility

The frames are made of 100% stainless steel and are ideally suited for aggressive industries due to its high quality and hygiene standards. U-plates design with Free gap channels allows multi-purpose condenser design with removable bundle.

  • Suitable for aggressive fluids
  • High efficiency and free dilatation
  • Free gap channels
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications
  • Easy access on shell side
  • Two-step cooling and condensation can be performed by combining shells
Max. working pressureUp 36 bars
Max. working temperatureUp to 350˚C
Surface area0.5 m2 to 500 m2
Plate materialCS, SS, Nickel Alloys, Titanium


  • Solvent condenser
  • Steam vacuum condenser
  • 2 steps condenser
  • Overhead condenser (top column)