Production facility failures and downtime result in wasted time, compromised productivity and safety, cost increasing and ultimately reduced revenue.

With our 25 years+ of experience, we Arsopi Thermal are leading experts in the inner workings of heat plate exchangers.
You depend on us to optimise PHE performance.

Service for life.
We go hand-in-hand with our partners.


  •  Prevent unexpected shutdown
  •  Streamline initial investment recovery
  •  Maximise production / operation efficiency and lifetime
  •  Simplify product quality and safety management
  •  Enhance PHE performance
  •  Optimise processes to identify and improve problems
  •  Repair service (on-site or at our factory)
  •  Fast proposal and planning of interventions and services
  •  Maintenance and replacement of multi-branded PHE

Preventive Maintenance

Equipment must be inspected on a routine basis to avoid any unforeseen events that could have a significant impact on product productivity.

Arsopi Thermal's highly skilled specialists conduct a condition audit of your equipment and evaluate the necessity of cleaning, repair, or upgrade etc. to propose and implement the optimal measures and solutions according to the condition.


  •  Reduce the risk of equipment damage
  •  Maintenance plan and cost management optimisation
  •  Ensure safe equipment operation and secure production stability
  •  Reduce equipment cost and deterioration
  •  Extended equipment life


Our specialists repair the equipment upon your requests and can offer a set of standard service packages according to your needs.


-Minimize downtime

-Maximize production capacity

-Extend equipment life

-Prevent indirect damage and accidents

-Reduction of energy and operating costs

-Maintenance cost reduction

Updates & Modifications

As the efficiency decreases over the course of long-term operation, it becomes necessary to change the device status and performance. Inaddition, operating conditions change over time, necessitating redesign of equipment to meet changing process, condition, and function requirements.

Arsopi Thermal offers a wide range of services to take your operations to the next level with a range of upgrade and modification solutions that incorporate the latest technology to improve productivity.


  •  Minimize wear and damage
  •  Extended equipment life
  •  Improved productivity and stability through performance optimization
  •  Optimized operating costs

Diagnostics & Maintenance

Regardless of industry or application, there will always be a need for high-performing and reliable heat exchangers.
Production facility failures and downtime result in wasted time, compromised productivity and safety, and ultimately reduced revenue.

Based on our rich experience, Arsopi Thermal will advise you on regular maintenance periods and methods to maintain the performance level of your equipment and provide optimal maintenance services that keep operating costs low.

A periodic maintenance contract for your equipment is also available through various service packages.


  •  Maintain safe equipment operation
  •  Ensure operational reliability and security
  •  Extend equipment life
  •  Reduced operating costs

Services can be conducted site or at our service factory.

Arsopi Thermal can offer a set of standard service packages can be adapted to your needs.

Aqua Service:  Basic washing service for all plate heat exchangers

Super Service:  Chemical washing service for all heat exchangers plates and penetrating liquid testing at 5% of the plates

Premium Service:  Chemical washing service and penetrating liquid testing of all plate heat exchangers

Hydraulic Test:  Hydraulic testing on plate heat exchanger

Structure Improvement:  Intervention works to improve the structure of the plate heat exchanger

ServicesFrame Improvement   AQUA           SUPER          PREMIUM      Hydraulic   Test  
Opening heat exchanger
Gasket removal
Plate water washing
Plate chemical cleaning
Penetrant text (full plates)
Joints visual inspection
Joint thickness measurement or validation
Joint application / bonding
Plate placement execution
Visual inspection of exchanger structure
Visual inspection of exchanger IN / OUT
Plate arrangement mounting on exchanger
Heat exchanger closure
Technical assistance report
Detailed assistance report
Hydraulic test
Structure Improvement

Consulting & Training

Our diligent technical maintenance team offers a variety of training programs that effectively blend hands-on training to enhance your specialised team skills and broad knowledge of PHE.

A tailored training menu is also available to meet the specific needs of particular products, industries or applications.

Safety training
Operator training
Technical and maintenance training


  •  Improved production efficiency
  •  Extend equipment life
  •  Contribution to equipment safety and worker safety measures
  •  Improved operational reliability and security
  •  Reduced maintenance time cost