Arsopi Thermal was born in 1992 from the parent company Arsopi Group, established in Vale de Cambra, Portugal in 1942, by our founder, the Portuguese entrepreneur Arlindo Soares de Pinho.

To begin with, Arsopi Group served the region’s local dairy farmers by providing the equipment required to modernise and consequently expand their operations. Our founder, Arlindo Soares de Pinho, revolutionised milk and dairy production by devising and implementing new processes that blended modernity with tradition, allowing increased production without compromising quality.

Arsopi Group expanded into supplying equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industries, and would become the gold standard for national and European reference in the manufacturing of equipment of complex machinery and noble materials. Developing Arsopi Thermal - our own brand of plate heat exchangers for global distribution - was the natural evolution of our humble origins in the dairy industry.

With technology and licensing from the pioneering Japanese manufacturing company, Hisaka Works, the supply scope has expanded to all sectors to provide premium calibre resources to clients in the brewing, chemical and general industries. Through continuous investment in production capacity and strengthening our partnership with Hisaka Works - who would become a shareholder - the foundations for more sustained growth were laid, supporting our commercial expansion.


What we do

Arsopi Thermal, a total solution provider of Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE), is based in Vale de Cambra, Portugal, and co-owned by Arsopi Group and the world-leading Japanese manufacturer, Hisaka Works.

We offer a full range of PHE services. We have a wealth of experience in providing the best after-sales support for plate heat exchangers, and our technical team of specialists is equipped to fully sustain PHE across a range of industries.

We aim to facilitate desired outcomes for our clients by tailoring our services to their needs. We have extensive knowledge of PHE applications. Our wide range of plate types, corrugations, connection sizes and materials enables us to provide our customers with premium counsel in compliance with regulations so that their production plants overcome challenges and prosper.

Arsopi Thermal’s plate heat exchangers are manufactured with first-class equipment and strict quality controls to routinely optimise the manufacturing process and create high-quality products.

  • Own Designing and Manufacturing
  • Plate Design and Testing
  • Quality Control

We address the challenges of our customers looking for economical and profitable production plants.


Where we are

Through our network of representatives or directly by ourselves, we provide our products to clients worldwide.

By leveraging synergies between Arsopi Group, Arsopi Thermal and Arsopi’s companies in Spain and France, we can offer complete in-house manufacturing without requiring major subcontracting.