Chemicals are an essential part of our lives. Almost everything has to do with chemistry.
Most chemical plants operate in continuous processes, where having a reliable heat exchanger is essential.

Arsopi Thermal manufactures robust and efficient heat exchangers, designed to support chemical processes safely and with maximum efficiency. Our expertise allows us to process a wide range of plate and gasket materials for demanding applications.

Understanding the complexity of industrial processes is essential to combining excellent craftsmanship and innovative plate design, using the best available materials, human experience and creativity.

Our durable plate heat exchangers maintain their integrity under the harshest conditions in the most sophisticated chemical plants, while remaining unobtrusive.

Performance and purpose, always.

- Basic chemicals
- Agrochemicals & Fertilizers
- Petrochemicals
- Polymers & Plastics
- Pharmaceuticals / Fine chemicals


Soda, Engrais
Raffinage de pétrole
Huiles et graisses
Produits chimiques
Inorganique général
Industrie chimique organique